About Our Group

Welcome to the Open Badges at University of Illinois group!

This is a grassroots group that has formed over the interest of finding new and exciting ways to utilize digital badges at the University of Illinois.

Open Badges Yammer Group for U OF I

Interested in joining our informal group on OpenBadges at the University of Illinois? Join the Yammer Open Badges Group!

  • First, create a Yammer account (if you don’t already have one)
  • After logging in, search for the OpenBadges group.

Who are we?

We have started as a local group of individuals representing many different areas of campus. We continue to add to our group. We are constantly researching digital badge usage and how it can be implemented here at U of I in a variety of different and exciting ways.

Is there a system in place?

We have started a pilot system that anyone can get involved with and test out. We have setup a WordPress site using an open source plugin for issuing badges. We are looking closely at the Mozilla Open Badges Infrastructure as the underlying infrastructure of our badge issuing system, this allows uniform issuing procedures, consistent metadata for the badges, as well as the ability for the student or earner to take ownership of their badges easily by adding it to their Mozilla backpack.

Get started with our Pilot system to start issuing badges

We look forward to moving ahead and working with any interested parties!

Learn more about the CITES WordPress Pilot – Badge Issuing system using WPBadger


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