Getting Started with Badges

Information about our Badges Pilot  – our issuing platform

 Getting Started in our PILOT:

Step 1: Get a space setup on our pilot site.

Contact to get started. Give us some information about what you would like to do with your badges. We would be happy to setup a time to meet in person and discuss your ideas.

Let us know what your “group name” is – This will be used as the Issuer and as the URL. Who do you want these badges to be issued from? The URL will look like

So, send to

  • Badges Plans
  • Info about you – Group Name

Step 2: Log in

After we are able to create your space on, you will then be a WordPress Admin for your space. 

Badges @ Illinois › Log In 2014-01-16 15-08-21

It is setup like any WordPress site, with one HUGE exception, this should not be treated like a blog, there should be NO blog posts made to this system. Instead of blog posts, you can use the WordPress Admin interface to Create a Badge and to Award a Badge.

Step 3: Edit your email template

Either you can edit your email template or can assist you with this. Your email template represents the contents of the email message that gets sent to individual badge earners when you issue them a badge.

Editing your email template can be done in Settings -> WPBadgerConfiguration. A screen shot below is an example. You can use tags, such as Badge_Title that will auto populate. Be SURE to use the Award_URL – this will populate with a link to the badge being awarded, without this the badge can not be accepted.

Screen Shot of Email Text

Step 4: Create a badge

Create a Badge – Instructions

Step 5: Start Awarding (Issuing) badges to badge earners

This system does not currently integrate with any learning management systems (LMS). When a user has completed a course or training, it’s your responsibly to collect their email address and award them the badge.

Issuing Badges – Instructions

Step 6: Let us know how it is going!!

Shoot us an email at or join our Yammer group and give us your feedback!


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