Create Badges

Designing the Image

All badges are simple PNG files. You can create one in your favorite image editing software. Keep these rules in mind:

  • Size should be about 100×100 pixels
  • The background of the badge should be transparent for the best effect
  • For branding purposes, it is advised to use a Block I on your graphic

We have also added a ‘Badge Designer’ as a quick way to assemble a badge in the system.

Creating the Badge

Log in to your WordPress site. In the left hand sidebar there should be a section called “Badges”. Click on “Add New” to create your badge. Some of the information you’ll need to think about:

  • Title: something simple to identify your badge quickly.
  • Description: Short description to be used internally.
  • Main Content Area – Criteria:  A 3rd party who sees the badge will use the description to figure out what the user accomplished. What does it mean to have earned this badge? What skills does the user possess? What training have they completed?
  • Badge Version: you can increment this as you change what the badge means. Starting off with “1.0″ is fine.
  • Badge Image: upload the PNG you created before. After it’s uploaded in the media manager, scroll down and click “Use as featured image”. You can then close the media manager. The badge should now appear in the sidebar of your “Add New Badge” window.

When you’re all done, click “Publish” to make your new badge available.

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